Underfloor heating systems

Condensation Control Ltd prides itself in offering the very best and highest performing heat recovery ventilation systems and we are now proud to offer its own brand of  hydronic water sourced underfloor heating system which is arguably the most efficient and low cost form of central heating available today.

The hydraMASTER system utilises high efficiency inverter heat pump technology from leading brand suppliers. Taking advantage of COP's of over 4 the water is circulated through in-slab (normally) heating pipes to deliver the best in radiant heating.

A range of controls is also able to be integrated within the system offering zone and internet control or be interfaced through smart home technology. With the supplied progammable thermostatic controller the concrete slab can be used as a " battery" to store the energy obtained through photovoltaic during the daytime when often the energy is not able to be fully utilised.

Condensation Control Ltd offers a full design, quoting and installation service.