MoistureMASTER home ventilation and underfloor heating

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Condensation Control Ltd is a professional ventilation company dedicated to and specialising in air replacement and air distribution systems for the past 20 years. The Company utilises all of the new techniques that are becoming available to residential and light commercial customers throughout the world. The Company has formed “partner” relationships with a number of the very best European ventilation manufacturers to not only make this technology available to New Zealanders but to adapt it to provide the best “New Zealand” solutions. To achieve this a very wide range of ventilation products are available which has made Condensation Control Ltd a "One Stop Shop" for the latest ventilation products and ventilation design. The signature brand of the company has been the very successful moistureMASTER which is available in variations from positive pressure input ventilation to high efficiency counter crossflow heat recovery ventilation systems.

Under the hydraMASTER brand, Condensation Control is also offering the most energy efficient central heating system for new homes. The hydraMASTER under-floor heating system combines the efficiency of a hot water heat pump and the readily available heat storage capability of a concrete slab. hydraMASTER heating solutions achieves the very lowest operating costs that are associated with hydronic underfloor radiant heating coupled with very affordable capital and installation costs.

hydraMASTER is also able to be combined with the hot water heating requirements of the home and also combined with fan/coil convector units. Please see our section on Under Floor Heating.

Condensation Control Ltd also offers a large range of kits that are available to purchase on-line complete with instruction and guidance on their installation and operation from ventilation to extraction. Our systems are of the highest quality and we do not compromise on anything which is often the case with other consumer products that are able to be purchased at price driven hardware stores and yet our prices are still very much comparable with these larger outlets.

This site is designed to be helpful to home owners planning there own “energy efficient” home and designers and architects wishing to incorporate these technologies into their designs. The company offers a design and information service and for more information on this please go to our SERVICE, CONTACT US and DOWNLOADS pages. We also provide links to our “partner” websites.