Winter Ventilation

Winter Ventilation

Ventilation only works at preventing condensation as long as a continuous trickle of fresh air is introduced into the home at all times. The moistureMASTER positive input ventilation system has a proven track record over many years and is a low cost solution to condensation, and indoor mould and mildew caused by inadequate ventilation and air change.

The standard system is designed to recover heat from the roof cavity when its available, filter the air and gently introduce it into the home at a controlled rate. To enable the home owner to continue to operate the system on cold winters nights without cooling the house down moistureMASTER has developed a very reliable duct heater to take the chill off the incoming air. It does cost a little more to run than an unheated system but the moistureMASTER has a number of ways to control the heater so that you can control the running costs of the system. We at Condensation Control believe that it is often counter productive to force cold air into a home in winter and this is the moistureMASTER difference!

The definite benefits of moistureMASTER include the following:

  • Prevent condensation throughout the home (see our money back guarantee for this).
  • Recover free heat from the roof cavity when its available
  • Draw fresh air into the home directly from outside to cool the house down after a hot summers day with the optional summer ventilation kit.
  • Transfer heat from a room with a significant heat source to cooler rooms through the moistureMASTER system with the optional add on heat transfer kit.
  • Clean the indoor air with our patented filtering system and the optional moistureMASTER Pure Air Tube.
  • LCD Programmable Electronic Controls that tell you the roof cavity and indoor temperatures of your home
  • Industry leading energy efficient fans made in Germany

The Ruck ETAMASTER inline fan sets new standards in efficiency


                                                                                    moistureMASTER Quick change Filter Cassette

moistureMASTER Induct Heater


                                                                                       moistureMASTER LCD Electronic Keypad

moistureMASTER Pure Air Tube