moistureMASTER Heat Recovery Systems

The moistureMASTER heat recovery system utilises an aluminium exchange plate and is manufactured exclusively for Condensation Control Ltd in Germany by Ruck Ventilatoren. It is specifically designed and engineered for New Zealand climatic conditions and includes features that are not incorporated into other systems. For existing homes or new builds that are more of a "standard" construction with a usable roof cavity, the moistureMASTER HX systems are the most economical to install without compromising performance. The system has been designed in a modular format to allow for easy installation through "normal" ceiling access and assembled in the roof cavity. This is by far the most innovative system available to New Zealand homeowners.

Three Sizes of Exchange System Available

HX1 - 300 to 360cmph

HX2 - 360 to 450cmph

HX3 - 500 to 600cmph


moistureMASTER HX Electronic Controller


Features of the moistureMASTER modular heat recovery system at a glance

The new features of the moistureMASTER heat recovery system are unmatched by any other ventilation company to date. The large variety of options has been carefully designed to achieve exactly what is promised and to provide a range of useful options to the home owner. Not all gloves fit but the modular nature of the moistureMASTER system does ensure that a specific solution can be achieved for the widest variety of applications. The system has been designed specifically for New Zealand and Australian climates by our German engineering partners. We guarantee the normal reliability generally associated with the very best of European and German technology.

  • Modular System. Is able to be assembled in the roof cavity.
  • Uses the latest in German fan technology  and compliant with the very latest European efficiency ratings.
  • The exchange plate is manufactured in Europe to specification to suit New Zealand conditions.
  • Aluminium counter crossflow exchange plate. Up to 90% efficiency in heat recovery and will allow exhausting from "wet" areas.
  • Heat boost function with built in heater as standard.
  • Bathroom extraction boost fan available as an option.
  • Full summer bypass as an option.
  • Warm roof cavity heat capture option exhausted through the exhaust circuit. Captures the heat when available without introducing roof cavity air.
  • Zone control option for controlling the exhaust or fresh air supply circuits.
  • Independent fan control.
  • Filter change indicator.
  • Proprietary electronic controller with LCD interface providing full read back functions and controls.

All our systems are backed by our 5 year onsite warranty. (conditions apply)