Ductmaster Polystyrene Insulated Duct

Ductmaster Thermal Insulated Duct

Ductmaster Thermal Ducting (NTD) is a range of polystyrene ducting and ancillaries intended for installation in domestic properties. Where rigid duct is called for and the duct needs to be insulated the Ductmaster Thermal is an excellent option. Well made and easy to cut, fit and install with clip together brackets this will be the choice when duct needs to be installed inside or outside the insulation envelope. The smooth wall helps to prevent pressure loss where long runs are unavoidable. The duct is also an attractive feature where duct needs to be visible.

The range includes all of the fittings necessary for a variety of duct configurations. Ductmaster Thermal Ducting is available in two different sizes and profiles, based on the internal dimension: 125mm diameter round duct or 204 x 60mm rectangular. The Ductmaster thermal can also transition into the 204 x 60mm white PVC duct system.

Rectangular Insulated Duct O/D 204mm x 60mm


     Vertical 90 - G11         Horizontal T G13              Horizontal 90 - G15 


          Horizontal 45 - G15                Plenum G19


            Straight Duct 1.2m                        Duct Clamp Plain G2             Duct Clamp Bracket G5

Round Insulated Ductwork 180mm O/D


   90 degree bend

New EPE Insulated Rigid Ductwork available soon from Ubbink in 150mm and 180mm diameter.